About Us

Life passes by in a matter of seconds. Seconds we never get back. In the blink of an eye a moment is gone and only a memory is left in its place. What you choose to remember and the way that others will remember you is left up to you to decide. This is your life, you define how the moments pass by, so define them by the quality of your shared experiences, define them by the moments you make luxurious, and define them with style from Reloy design.

 An inversion of the French word “le roi,” or “the king,” to put it quite literally the king of watches: Reloy. From our roots in Italy, home of the fashion forward, comes a new face in watch making. Designed with the classic codes of timekeeping in mind and made from the highest quality materials, Reloy has created an enduring fashion for the uninhibited and free of heart. Made from 100% Italian leather, Zircon stones, and a Swiss movement heart, Reloy defines a life of quality, luxury and design.



Reloy implements only the finest mechanics. Swiss-built movement has been synonymous with quality that has stood the test of time. Made entirely from surgical-grade stainless steel, steel so hard it can be polished to like-new condition in the event that life brings on an untimely scratch. Our watches retain polish and avoid corrosion longer than any of their comparable counterparts, so you can wear your style with confidence into any occasion life might throw your way. When it comes to quality, there is one name you can trust.



Well known in the fashion industry as the very best, Italian made leather speaks of luxury, comfort and class. A superior level of craftsmanship goes into producing our one-of-a-kind watchbands. From the selection of only the very best hides, to the natural tanning process, Reloy offer up a distinctive look for all occasions in life. Luxury built to withstand everyday wear and tear, and refined style to last a lifetime.



For the sophisticated free spirit, the design is in the details. Simple and timeless, Roman numerals mark the passing of minutes that turn into hours that make up a life. And a smaller second hand circle tracks even the most miniscule passing moment. Zircon stone, second only to diamonds in luster and brilliance, add subtle luminescence to the hours in life. If life is a fabric of fleeting instants woven together to tell a story unique unto you, then it’s within the details that we find the design.


Hours, minutes, seconds fly by with the changing of time; remember to seize each moment and live it fully and freely before it has passed. Remember that this is the time of your life, Reloy.